Green Concrete

Green Concrete is continually expanding upon its knowledge and technical expertise in serving clients with success

Efficient Green Concrete Products

Green Concrete product are designed for maximum sustainability, using the most appropriate raw materials, plant and equipment, operational standards and delivery methodologies, working within a culture of continuous improvement to achieve and attain clients’ sustainability goals.

Green Concrete primary ingredients are crushed aggregates, sand, water, cement, pozzolans, and chemical admixtures that produced to the highest standards and available in the region.

Green Concrete designed to be a durable and sustainable concrete. Green Concrete is composed of crushed aggregates, sand, water, cement, chemical admixtures in addition to industrial waste by-products such as Fly Ash and/or Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and /or other Pozzolanic material to constitute a portion of the cement as a replacement for cement to improve the durability and ultimate strength of concrete and also further reduce the CO2 embodied in concrete by as much as 50%.

Sustainable Development is the Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need

Our Mission, Zero Emission

Why Green Concrete?


More efficient use of resources in concrete production, including re-cycled materials and byproducts from other industrial processes (such as GGBS and Pulverizes Fuel Ash).

International Standard

Green Concrete is produced under strict quality control regime that adopts the latest international standards in the concrete industry and the supervision of highly trained engineers and technicians.


Better re-use of waste and other secondary materials such as recycled water, recycled aggregates, and other pozzolanic material.

Higher Capability

Green Concrete exhibits higher capability, higher long-term strength, and low heat of hydration, superior appearance and permeability. Its main limitation is slower early setting time but this is overcome but the higher ultimate strength of concrete.

Low Waste

Lower reliance on quarrying material or sending construction and demolition waste to landfill by maximizing the use of recycled material where practical

QHSE Certified

Green Concrete is produced in plants that operate under an integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety that is accredited and certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 45001:2018

NRMCA Certified

Green Concrete is produced by fully automated plants that are certified to the NRMCA norms of the United States of America.


Development of low-energy, long-lasting yet flexible concrete plants.

The outcome benefits of Green Concrete are summarized in the following:

  1. Mix design Approved by MASDAR.
  2. Up to 70% cement reduction.
  3. Substantial reduction of CO2 Footprint.
  4. High workability.
  5. Increase in compressive and flexural strength.

Sustainability Goals


Green Concrete imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them.


Safety is one of the highest priorities within Green Concrete. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them.


Research and decision sciences papers on sustainability and green industry.